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DEKO 834 EPB Stacker

Automatic straight slicing machine
  • From wafer-thin slices to 5 mm slices
  • Fully automatic slicing, stacking and arranging as tiles
  • Integrated sharpening unit; fast and easy sharpening of the blade
  • Options: available with a Teflon layer
  • Available with a conveyor and/or mobile table

834 EPB Conveyor:This model is supplied with a:

  • Small conveyor belt with a length of 750mm or a
  • Large conveyor belt with a length of 1,400mm.

834 EPB Teflon:
This model features a high-quality Teflon layer for parts that come into contact with food. Especially suitable for slicing cheese.

834 EPB Teflon Conveyor:
Specs similar to 834 EPB Teflon, including a small or large conveyor belt.

Mobile table: All slicer models can be supplied with a mobile table.