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DEKO 834 Safe & Combi Safe

Straight slicing machine
  • From wafer-thin slices to 14 mm slices.
  • Integrated sharpening unit; fast and easy sharpening of the blade
  • Sustainable and ergonomic design; easy control
  • 834 Combi Safe is similar to the 834 Safe model, and is supplied with a weighing unit

Deko 834 Combi Safe
Specs similar to Deko 834 Safe, including an integrated weighing unit:

  • Weighing up to 1,000 grams: 1 gram tolerance
  • Removable weighing platform
  • 100% taring possibilities
  • Not for commercial purposes

Extra options for 834 Safe and 834 Combi Safe
Teflon version: The 834 Safe and 834 Combi Safe models can be equipped with a high-quality Teflon layer for parts that come into contact  with food specially suitable for slicing cheese.
Product carriage: Keeps the product in its place
Result: minimal cutting loss
Pin plate bottom: Keeps the product on the bottom plate
Extended meat table: (L x W) 230 x 280mm, with an optional extended shaft for increased slicing capacity