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Meat Slicers Deko Holland

21 april 2022

Which meat slicers does DEKO Holland produce?

At DEKO Holland we have various meat slicers , each with their own specifications. A meat slicer is used in butcher shops and delicatessens to cut meat, sausage, cheese, vegetables and other delicacies. A meat slicer makes work easier and ensures that the texture of the food remains the same.

The DEKO meat slicer is a real Dutch product. All meat slicers are handmade in Arnhem and we are the only meat slicer manufacturer in the Netherlands, even in the Benelux! Every cutting machine has an integrated grinding device on top of the machine. In addition, all machines are available in stainless steel and Teflon. All machines are also available in any RAL color if desired. Below we describe which meat slicers we produce at DEKO Holland.

DEKO 834 Safe and 834 Combi Safe

The DEKO 834 Safe and 834 Combi Safe are models that are mainly used in supermarkets, restaurants and butchers. This meat slicer cuts from wafer-thin slices to slices of 17 millimeters. This meat slicer is durable, has an ergonomic design and simple operation. When the meat table is not used for about two minutes, the slicer switches off automatically to save energy. The cutting machine then simply switches on from the starting position. This is an extra option. The 834 Combi Safe is the same as 834 Safe, but a weighing unit is supplied with it. The knife has a diameter of 296 millimeters and a cutting capacity of 195 millimeters for round products. For square products this is 195 millimeters by 195 millimeters and for rectangular products the maximum capacity is 240 millimeters by 195 millimeters. The weighing unit weighs up to 1000 grams and the weighing platform can be removed. The centre plate, sharpening unit, cone and meat table are removable for cleaning. The material is stainless steel 303/304 for all parts that are in contact with food. The parts that are not in contact with food are anodized aluminum. Anodizing is a treatment method of aluminum in which an electrochemical process is used to apply an oxide layer to the aluminum. This oxide layer has the properties that it is hard, electrically insulating and wear-resistant.


It is important to work ergonomically. Ergonomics can also be found in the professional kitchen. The workplace must be set up in such a way that all activities of the staff can be carried out properly. The layout is important for this. The DEKO Lift can manually raise the meat slice for 10 centimeters. So you don't need power to change the height of the meat slicer. This is suitable for placing under the 834S. The DEKO Lift was created through a collaboration with Albert Heijn and the Occupational Health and Safety Service. Specially designed for Albert Heijn staff to reduce absenteeism due to illness. Incorrect posture in front of the meat slicer can cause injuries to your arm, shoulder and back. In addition, the DEKO Lift is also available with a mobile table made of stainless steel. The table is equipped with four wheels, two of which are swivel wheels with a brake.

DEKO 834 EPB Stacker

The DEKO 834 EPB Stacker is a Meat Slicer that cuts wafer-thin slices up to 5 millimeters fully automatically. You mainly choose this cutting machine if you want to cut large volumes. The DEKO 834 Stacker is very suitable for large pieces of meat that can be packed immediately. This meat slicer is available in several versions and has different options. All versions of the meat slicer can be supplied with a mobile table. The blade in this meat slicer has a diameter of 296 millimeters. The capacity of the DEKO 834 EPB Stacker is 190 millimeters for round products, 190 millimeters by 190 millimeters for square products and 195 millimeters by 190 millimeters for rectangular products. The maximum length of the product may be 460 millimeters. The meat slicer lays in a tile-like manner and you can adjust the distance between the slices. The maximum stacking height is 70 millimeters and the maximum length that the machine can cover in a tile-like manner is 280 millimeters. Because there are several versions with different options, we have described them below:

834 EPB Conveyor

This is a model that comes with a small conveyor belt that has a length of 750 millimeters. It is also available with a large conveyor belt with a length of 1400 millimeters

834 EPB Teflon

This model is equipped with a high-quality Teflon layer for parts that come into contact with food. That is why it is particularly suitable for cheese.

834 EPB Teflon Conveyor

This model is equipped with the high-quality Teflon layer and equipped with a small or large conveyor belt.

DEKO 800 SA Semi-automatic gravity meat slicer

This model is often used in France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Thailand. The DEKO 800 SA cuts from wafer-thin to 32 millimeter slices. After setting the machine, the machine cuts automatically. The table is tiltable and removable. It comes with a ware guide that keeps the meat in place. The diameter of the blade is 318 millimeters and the cutting capacity for round products is 240 millimeters. For square or rectangular products, the cutting capacity is 240 millimeters by 210 millimeters. The Semi-automatic slicer can also be equipped with a high-quality Teflon layer and is therefore particularly suitable for cheese. The grinding unit of the meat slicer is detachable and integrated into the slicer. You can sharpen the knife quickly and easily.

DEKO 800 Safe gravity slicer

The 800 Safe is a meat slicer that can cut wafer-thin slices of 32 millimeters. The product is pushed against the blade by gravity. This keeps the meat in place. This ensures minimal cutting loss. This slicer is very suitable for cheese and the productguide keeps the product in place. The knife has a diameter of 318 millimeters. The cutting capacity of the 800 Safe is 220 millimeters for round products, 250 millimeters by 190 millimeters for square and rectangular products. The 800 Safe is also available with a high-quality Teflon layer. This machine is very suitable for cheese.

DEKO 800 SL gravity slicer.

This slicer has an enlarged meat table compared to the 800 S. In addition, the 800 SL can also be equipped with a high-quality Teflon layer for the parts that come into contact with food. This slicer in the Teflon version is particularly suitable for cheese, just like the 800 S. The blade and cutting capacity of this machine is the same as the 800 S. This machine has a product guide and holds the product securely in place. This ensures minimal cutting loss.

DEKO Holland 834S Salmon

This cutting machine is especially for cutting salmon and other fish. The parts that come into contact with salmon are made of stainless steel. Other parts are ground, polished and anodized aluminum. The cutting angle is infinitely adjustable between 30° and 10°. The cutting machine has a sharpening device for easy sharpening of the knife. The knife has a diameter of 296 millimeters.

Refurbished meat slicers

At DEKO Holland, overhauled means that the meat slicer has been thoroughly checked for correct operation. In addition, we completely clean the slicer and maintenance is carried out in which all wearing parts are replaced. We replace the blade, grinding and burr stone, V-belts and switch, among other things. The cutting machine has only original subjects. A refurbished DEKO Holland cutting machine has a 1 year warranty. There is also a trade-in option at DEKO Holland with cutting machines from Berkel and DEKO Holland.

Meat Slicers Deko Holland

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